Glad you're here!

My name is Alexandra Pryakhina, I’m a self-taught portrait artist based in Moscow, Russia.

Here’s a thing I don’t often say aloud, but that is a fact: I’ve never actually studied art, as, for a long time, I believed that art and myself didn’t belong to each other, at least enough for me to submerge into it professionally.

Absence of art education is a thorny topic. However, I can see significant benefits to the situation: I’m not dominated by the academic “comme il faut” with its strictness, and my art definitely has the individuality that I’d like to come through.

Lately, I’ve noticed myself diverge in the direction of contemporary impressionism. This goes in accord with my artistic motto, which is originally a quote by Marc Chagall: “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing”.

I embrace the influences that I’ve had on myself from who I deem true masters of “drawing from the heart”, so the world can expect more impulse-driven artworks from me in the coming years.

Talking about “impulsive” versus “meticulous” art, it’s always either one or another, and there’s no in-between for me. I either draw a quickie that turns out so good that adding a thing would ruin it; or, I spend weeks and weeks over a painting (see the “Digital Art” section).

I draw in industrial volumes and in a large number of styles.

Should you be interested in any kind of collaboration, please email me or reach out to me via socials listed below. Telegram is where I dwell most.