Custom illustrations made for the social media of App in the Air.

SMM focus of App in the Air: interesting facts and memes related to civil aviation; interaction with users.

“Oh the sweet moment when the food is coming… Why is it always such a disappointment? Are airlines saving money on your meals?Well, nope. Actually, most passengers taste food differently on flights. The reasons are lack of humidity, lower air pressure, and the background noise. Our perception of saltiness and sweetness drop when inside a pressurised cabin. (Source: BBC)
By the way, that’s why airlines are generous with salt and sugar.
As for sour, bitter and spicy flavours, they remain almost the same.”


Designs of images for social media posts.

Options of Facebook cover design.

Brand pattern proposal.

Press wall mockups for an event (as compared to human height).

Press wall mockups for an event (images are supposed to be cutouts where event participants can stand and take funny pictures).